Training Opportunities

Training on the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking–Figural and Verbal

The Torrance Center™ offers training on the administration, scoring, and interpretation of the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking, Figural and Verbal. Efficient, effective, expert, up-to-date training by the Torrance Center™ assures all motivated learners will receive a certificate of scoring reliability from the Torrance Center™ for Creativity and Talent Development.

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TTCT FIGURAL Training Sessions – At UGA , On Site

Upcoming TTCT Figural Training Dates At UGA

  • July 7-11, 2014  (online informationThis will be a 5-day training as part of the Torrance Center Summer Institute. 
  • October 15-16, 2014 (online information) This will be a two-day training, 1 full day October 15th, and one full day October 16th.

Upcoming TTCT Verbal Training Dates At UGA

  • March, 2015 This will be a one-day training in March. More information will be posted in January, 2015

TCAM or Abbreviated Torrance Test for Adults

No current dates have been established.

If you are interested in any other trainings, please email Sarah Summers.


The training for the Figural requires about 2 days of active training. The verbal can be taught in 1 day to individuals who have mastered the figural scoring. All training requires that participants follow-up by scoring practice protocols to reach scoring reliability. Trainings are held periodically at UGA, but on-site trainings can also be arranged.


  • Participants will be given two weeks to score four tests independently and send the scores to the Torrance Center™ .
  • Participants’ scores will be checked by component. For the figural, that is fluency, originality, abstractness of titles, resistance to closure, elaboration, and the checklist. For the verbal, the components are fluency, flexibility, and originality.
  • Individuals will receive feedback about which scores were accurate and which were not and need rescoring along with another set of four tests for those who must rescore some components. Trainees will only score the components that they missed on the first set.
  • Steps 1-3 will be repeated as necessary to mastery (up to 5 trials), or arrangements will be made with the individual to receive additional training. We will work with any motivated individual to mastery.


When individuals reach mastery, they will be issued a personalized certificate of proficiency by the Torrance Center™ of the University of Georgia.

Scholastic Testing Service Price List 2013-2014*

TTCT MATERIALS – Available from Scholastic Testing Service

For the Figural: Price
Streamlined Scoring Guide $44.00
Norms Technical Manual $42.00
Figural TTCT Scoring Workbook copy costs


For the Verbal: Price
Manual for Scoring Manual & Interpreting Results $44.00
Norms Technical Manual $42.00
Verbal TTCT: Scoring Workbook copy costs

*Prices reflect costs/rates as of August 2013 and are subject to change.

Please contact Scholastic Testing Service for books here or at 1.800.642.6STS (6787)

Norms-Technical Manuals:

All TTCT scores on the Figural and Verbal assessments should be derived using the 2008 TTCT Norms-Technical Manual. Older versions will result in erroneous scores.