Creativity Resources

Creativity Resources

Torrance Library Archives

Dr. Torrance’s vast collection of materials is the largest collection in the world offering information on gifted, creative, and future studies. The collection is intended to provide for the continuation of research begun by Dr. Torrance as well as provide information needed to stimulate new research in gifted, creative, and future studies.

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2014 Torrance Lecture: Branford Marsalis

Monday, April 7, 2014, Flyer (PDF)

2013 Torrance Lecture: Group Genius

Dr. Keith Sawyer, Group Genius Flyer (PDF)

2012 Torrance Lecture: The Creativity Crisis

Dr. Kyung Hee Kim, The Creativity Crisis Flyer (PDF

Presentations on Creativity – by Bonnie Cramond

GA Gifted Coordinators’ Conference 2010

Creativity Carnival- MS PowerPoint Format or Adobe PDF Format
Why Should Schools Be Interested in Creativity?- MS PowerPoint Format or Adobe PDF Format

Championing Creativity – MS PowerPoint format
Cartooning – MS PowerPoint format
Importance of Creativity – MS PowerPoint format
10.5 Strategies – MS PowerPoint format or .PDF format

E. Paul Torrance Lecture Series

E. Paul Torrance Spring 2008 Lecture (Website)
C. June Maker, Professor of Special Education, The University of Arizona and Director of the DISCOVER Project

E. Paul Torrance Spring 2007 Lecture (Podcast)
Joseph S. Renzulli, Director, National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented
Part 1 Podcast
Part 2 Podcast

E. Paul Torrance Spring 2006 Lecture (Podcast)
Robert Alan Black, Creativity Consultant
Robert Alan Black’s Creativity Challenges

E. Paul Torrance Spring 2006 Lecture (Podcast
Mark Runco
California State University, Fullerton

E. Paul Torrance Spring 2005 Lecture (Podcast)
Dean Keith Simonton
Download Dean Keith Simonton’s Powerpoint Presentation (as a Powerpoint file, as a PDF file)

Professor, University of California, Davis

Bizarre Bazaar at the GAGC Conference

2007 Activities

Six Thinking Caps: a creativity strategy based on DeBono’s Six Thinking Hats by Lisa Clark Link for how to make a very simple newspaper hat.
DIY (Design It Yourself) FUN BOARD by Daehyun Kim
Topic Toss: Facilitating Student Research Ideas by Todd MacLeod
Synectics: “Making the strange familiar” by Laura Rice
Creativity and Bipolarity by Elizabeth Fairweather (Medication Chart)
Creative Categorizing by Elizabeth Fairweather (Recording Sheet )
A Strategy for Creativity Morning: Rescue Godzilla by En-ling Chiao
(Poster 1.1 Interactive Brochure, Poster 1.2 Creative Community Care, Poster 1.3 I WANT YOU)
A Strategy for Incorporating Creativity with Writing Across the Curriculum Meg Whitley

2012 Activities

Impromp3bles-Jaeger & Yoruk
Making it Strange-Iwata & Min
Mystery Box-O’Shea & Welch
Six Thinking Hats-The PVC Games-Gerow & Breedlove

General Creativity

Creativity at Work
Creativity for Life
Creativity Techniques
Creativity Tools
Creativity Workshops
Invention Convention
Robert Alan Black’s Creativity Challenges

Creativity Organizations

American Creativity Association
National Association for Gifted Children
Creativity Explored
Creative Education Foundation

Creativity and Academics

Future Problem Solving Program
Climate for Innovation
Destination Imagination
Odyssey of the Mind