Global Minds

The International Academic Summer Camp at the Torrance Center

An Academic Camp for Elementary and Middle School Students from All Nations

Take the Trip.  Are you interested in diving deeply into a subject that won’t be offered at school? Do you want to surround yourself with peers from another culture? Do you want to challenge yourself to learn in a language that is not native, in a country that isn’t your home? Then take the trip! Come, stay and play with us at Global Minds, the International Academic Summer Camp hosted by the Torrance Center for Creativity and Talent Development.

Engage you’re your entire life and set yourself apart with this unique 3-week intensive camp.

The Courses.  Designed for gifted students to be challenge and pushed to excel, students enrolled in this program will dedicate three-weeks of their summer to deeply study a wide range of courses. Each week, four new classes are offered and taught, allowing for a range of exposure to subjects and interests. Just some of the 2013 Course Offering includes: Crime Scene Investigation, Fun Fair Probability, Building a Golf Course Geometry, Increasing Creativity, Psychology, Evolutionary Biology and more. To see a full listing of courses for this summer, please click here.

The People.  One of the most influential aspects of the program is the unique environment the students and their parents find themselves in. Each child is surrounded by like-minded, motivated peers from their country and others. On account of the intensive environment and the unique aspect of the international camp, we anticipate students to become lifelong friends through their shared experiences of learning together both new cultures and new subjects. The program is built on the strong and talented people who comprise its education. All the courses that are offered are all taught by graduates or current students of the Gifted and Creative Education Masters or Doctoral degree at the University of Georgia. This is one of the leading programs of gifted study in the country.  Most importantly all these teachers have a deep passion and/or extensive skill of teaching gifted students. By being housed at the world-renown Torrance Center, a hub for gifted and creative learning, we are able to offer extensive resources and support for both parents and teachers of gifted and talented students to make this program a truly excellent one.

The Place. The University of Georgia is a premier public University in the United States. By hosting the program on campus, the children at a young age are exposed to the college environment, are immersed in American culture and have access to many of the resources the University has to offer. While the participants will be staying at the luxurious Gameday Suites in downtown Athens, directly across the street from campus, all classes and most meals will take place on the grounds of the University. Campus dining halls will prepare and serve the majority of the meals, allowing the participants to experience a wide variety of food choices, while the infrastructure of the university, from campus transit to libraries will be available for the program use.

The Extras.  Learning doesn’t stop after classes. Each day there are activities planned and prepared to engage not only the student, but the parents as well. Whether it is a trip to Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium or World of Coke, a bonfire and storytelling session at Sandy Creek Park, or a full-fledged fourth of July celebration with fireworks, each day will involve adventure, fun and deeply engaging experiences for all participants and their parents to learn even more about American culture and each other.

The Advantage. This exceptional opportunity is rare in a person’s life, especially a child’s. This three week intensive study will not only set your child apart from their peers, it will give them an advantage for many years to come. It is our hope that academically, socially and culturally each student leaves enlivened and enriched for having experienced a truly changing and deeply educational summer camp program.

Program Basics

    • Open to students in grades 1–8, from all countries.
    • Dates: June 16-July7, 2013
    • Location: Classes and Activities to take place at the University of Georgia. Participants and a parent will stay at the Georgia Gameday Center/ Gameday Suites

Weekday Schedule

8:00 am – Breakfast (Students will eat in Dining Hall with a teacher and “Parent of the Day”)

8:40 am – Students walk to class with Program Director or Assistant Director

8:50 am – Morning Meeting

9:00 am – Class 1

10:30 am - Break & Snack

10:45 am – Class 2

12:15 pm - Walk to Lunch

12:30 pm – Lunch

1:10 pm – Walk to Aderhold Hall

1:30 pm – Class 3

3:00 pm – Break & Snack

3:15 pm – Class 4

4:45 pm – Change for Sports/Swimming

5:00 pm – Sports/ Swimming/ Outside Activities

6:15 pm – Dinner (Both Parents and Students in Dining Hall)

7:15 pm – Evening Activities

8:15 pm – Head back to Hotel

Cancellation Policy

To notify Duke TIP of a cancellation, email .Cancellations must be made two weeks prior to the session. After that time, cancellations will result in forfeiture of payment except in cases of illness (with doctor’s note on letterhead), death of an immediate family member, or inclement weather. Refunds usually take three weeks to process.