Tuition & Fees Paid to Bursar’s Office

Tuition and fees are paid directly to the UGA Bursar’s Office after course registration according to regular UGA payment schedule that varies according to when you enrolled at UGA.* Payment instructions are on OASIS when you register.

    • Tuition: ~$255 undergrad/$309 graduate* per credit hour x 6 credits = ~$1,530 for undergraduate students; ~$1,854 for graduate students. *Varies based on applicable UGA tuition; summer tuition rates are subject to change.
    • Board of Regents Institutional Fees (last year it was $450) – cannot be waived
    • Technology Fee: ~$40
    • Green Fee: ~$3
If you are a non-UGA student, you should apply to the UGA as non-degree status to participate in the program (this includes Georgia educators and students from other institutions).  Once accepted as a transient student, you will submit payment according to the dates listed above through checks to Bursar’s Office, 424 E. Broad Street, Athens, GA 30602 OR make payments online at – click on MyUGA; you will need your UGA ID and password which will be assigned to you are accepted.

Program Fee

$2,400 (subject to change based on the number of participants and exchange rates), includes non-refundable $200 application fee, lodging in a private dorm room, instructional materials, cultural dinner, transportation for field trips, admission to venues, transportation while in Glasgow, UGA travel insurance, and some meals.

    • Application fee of $200 non-refundable deposit will be billed to student account when application is received. Transient students should send a check with their application. The deposit will be refunded if a transient student is not accepted to UGA.
    • Due in two installments: $1,200 by Feb 15 and the balance on March 15, ~$1,000). Students who are accepted to this program will be billed for the program fee, tuition, etc. directly through their UGA account by the Bursar’s Office. (Non-UGA students – must complete a transient student application online; upon acceptance to UGA, student will receive an account and will be billed directly through that account).

Please check your UGA MyID account frequently during the time between acceptance into the program and your departure. Notices about amounts due to Student Accounts and other official UGA announcements will only be sent to an official UGA MyID. If you normally use another e-mail provider, please make sure your UGA account is forwarded to that account.

For information on UGA tuition – see: This website will also provide information on UGA’s technology fee, green fee, and institutional fees (these cannot be waived for study abroad).

NOTE: final summer tuition rates are not set until late April of each year; tuition rates quoted earlier may be subject to change.

Additional Expenses

You will have some additional expenses during your time in Scotland. This includes some optional expenses, most lunches and dinners, snacks, souvenirs and optional field trips. The following guideline can help you to estimate how much extra you might expect to spend. Please realize, this is only intended as a rough estimate that an average student might spend. Adjust accordingly to reflect your own personal needs and expectations. If you know you like to buy lots of souvenirs, if you expect to have medical expenses, or if you plan to travel before or after the program, be sure to take these things into account. If you have any questions about budgeting, please contact the Program Director for assistance in planning your expenses.

Plan ahead! There will be times when you want a snack, or need to get more shampoo, or want to visit local night spots.

Estimated individual expenses in Scotland not included in program fee:

    • Meals not included in program fees (mid-term break and should you travel before/after the program): all breakfasts @ ~$4.00 each, 21 lunches @ ~$10-12 each, 22 dinners @ $15-20 each
    • Snacks: $50
    • International Phone Card or phone: $20-40 (calls run about $1/minute using local phone cards)
    • Laundry: $4.50/load at the dorm laundry
    • Buses, taxis, and other transportation not included in program fees: $50 (includes to and from airport but does not include any extra trips you take away from Glasgow)
    • Lodging should you travel before or after the program: $40-60/day x # of days
    • Internet: Internet access is included in program fees at the University of Glasgow campus; however, you may need to purchase something if you are in a “Free Wifi” café or restaurant.
    • Entertainment not included above: $100
    • Contingency: $50-100 (We highly recommend having $100 reserve in case of medical emergency.)

Based on the estimates above, the expenses not covered by the Program Fee total approximately $900.00.

What’s NOT included in this estimate: The estimate above does not include what you might spend for your travel between Athens (or your home) and Atlanta (or the airport you travel from); personal supplies and incidentals; telephone charges; tips; major medical expenses (if needed); additional entertainment; cost of optional pre- or post-program travel; and souvenirs.