Graduate Student Travel Program

We have put this program in place to encourage our COE students to grow professionally by encouraging them to write and present, on a first author basis, at major significant conferences.

Partial support for graduate student travel is available on a quarterly basis for those students who are presenting papers at regional, national, or international conferences. Departmental financial support of student applications is required.

The Dean’s Office will provide a limited amount of financial support (on a competitive basis) to assist graduate students in presenting dissertation/thesis or other student-initiated research findings at scientific and professional meetings. Graduate students in the College may also be eligible for travel support from the Graduate School. Keep in mind that the Graduate School’s eligibility criteria, application procedures, and deadlines may differ from those followed in the College of Education.

The Process

  • The Research Office will notify the department heads and graduate coordinators of upcoming deadlines
  • The department will recruit student applications within their department
  • All applications will be reviewed within the department to determine if they are complete and meet the eligibility requirements (including departmental financial support for travel).
  • Departments will vet all the applications submitted by their students, select the top five applications, rank order these applications, and submit the top five applications to the Research Office.  Please submit the applications to Gabrielle Mason, in G10F Aderhold Hall.
  • Those students not selected at the department level will be notified of the decision by their department.
  • Any student that has not received acceptance at the time of the deadline will be ineligible to submit an application until the next deadline.
  • Within 15 business days of the deadline, students will receive formal written notification of the Associate Dean for Research’s decision.  
  • Funds will be transferred to the student’s budget unit and will be disbursed through the usual purchasing and reimbursement policies and procedures.

Cover Sheet (pdf Version)

Amounts of Support:

Typical awards will be up to $300. The amount of the award will be based on such factors as prevailing costs at the meeting site, distance traveled, whether the meeting is regional, national, or international, and the availability of funds. No student will be reimbursed for more than the actual cost of the trip.


  • Applicants must be enrolled as graduate-degree students in the College of Education at the time of application. Students must be in good academic standing. Preference will be given to doctoral students and those engaged in full-time study.
  • The applicant must be the first author of the submitted abstract and must provide clear proof of first authorship.
  • The meeting or conference must be of regional, national, or international significance.
  • Applications must carry the endorsement of the student’s major professor and the approval of the appropriate Graduate Coordinator or Department Head.
  • Approval of travel requests for any given student will be limited to one per fiscal year.
  • Funding will not be provided to students employed as instructors or classified employees.
  • Reimbursement will not be made for travel undertaken prior to receiving written approval. If presentation acceptance is not received in the current cycle, please have the student submit their application in the next cycle for funding consideration.

Use of Funds:

Funds may be used only for registration fees and travel-related expenses (including subsistence) that are essential for conference/meeting attendance and the presentation of student-initiated research.

Application Procedures:

Each application must include the following:

    • Application Coversheet with appropriate signatures of endorsements from the major professor and appropriate Graduate Coordinator or Department Head (spaces for endorsement are provided on the cover sheet).
    • A copy (not the original) of the student’s typed “Request for Authority to Travel” form (available in the student’s department)
    • An abstract of the research to be presented
    • Evidence that the submission has been accepted for presentation. If presentation acceptance is not received in the current cycle, please have the student submit their application in the next cycle for funding consideration
    • A brochure or other information which describes the meeting or conference, not necessarily cost information, but descriptive, i.e., a mission statement
    • Clear proof of first authorship must be provided

All requests must be made through the department and must be received as a group prior to the deadlines specified below.


There will be four award cycles during the year, with the following College due dates for requests:

Application Deadlines

Deadline to COE Research Office Deadline to UGA Office of the Vice President of Research Travel Dates
Second Tuesday in December Second Tuesday in January March 1-May 31
Fourth Tuesday in February Second Tuesday in March June 1-August 31
Fourth Tuesday in May Second Tuesday in June September 1-November 30
Fourth Tuesday in September Second Tuesday in October December 1-February 28

Decisions will be made approximately two weeks after each deadline. Students will be notified in writing, and funds will be transferred to the student’s budget unit and will be disbursed through usual purchasing and reimbursement policies and procedures.