Advancing Knowledge Changing Lives

The College of Education’s Research Office’s mission is to Enhance Our College-Wide Culture of ResearchOur faculty are involved in a broad array of research projects impacting our world, economy and citizens. COE researchers are at the forefront of asking questions and posing innovative solutions to some of the most challenging questions of today using broad theoretical perspectives and research methodologies across a range of disciplines.   We have researchers who are involved at all levels of school development, are pioneering methods for instruction to enhance each student’s education from elementary school through doctoral studies, and seeking ways to improve health and wellness throughout the lifespan.

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Education and Human Development (The Institute) furthers the research culture of the College and provides opportunities for interdisciplinary and collaborative research.  Study groups in the Institute help facilitate focused approaches to topics and develop strategies for grants and implementation of solutions.  College of Education research is innovative and unique, using state-of-the-art methodologies to solve today’s problems and address tomorrow’s questions.