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Innovation in Teaching and Technology


Innovation in Teaching and Technology is an initiative in the College of Education that works directly with the Office of Information Technology’s Teaching with Technology group to:

  • recognize and document innovation at the faculty, department, and college levels.
  • generate ideas, activities and programs to promote innovation in teaching and the use of technology.
  • identify resources to support faculty innovation in teaching.
  • consult with faculty about innovation.

The goals of this initiative are to:

  • help faculty use technology in innovative ways to support teaching.
  • build and develop faculty literacy with new media technologies.
  • support faculty as they prepare pre-service teachers to work in technology-rich classrooms.

Fall 2014 ITT Faculty Academies

Call for Participation in Two Fall ITT Faculty Academies:

  • ITT Essentials
  • Online Course Design & Development

The Innovation in Teaching and Technology initiative is happy to announce the continuation and expansion of the ITT Faculty Academy. We will be offering two faculty academies in both the fall and spring semesters. The faculty participation stipend has also been increased to $500 (for travel, materials, etc.) to support up to 10 faculty in each academy.

Two faculty academies will be offered in the fall. The first is another offering of our regular faculty academy meant to provide a general orientation to a wide range of teaching and technology ideas and skills. The second academy will focus on the topic of designing and developing online curricula. (Details about each academy are below.) In both academies, we also strive for highly collegial, enjoyable sessions with plenty of food and conversation.

Those who complete each academy will be awarded with an ITT Faculty Academy Certificate suitable for including on a curriculum vita in the area of teaching effectiveness, and a stipend of $500 (to be used for travel, materials, etc.). Completion of the academy is marked by the successful implementation of the faculty member's project in one of their courses and the reporting of that project.

All chosen faculty must be full-time with at least 50% of their time budgeted for teaching.


To apply, simply send an email to Lloyd Rieber with the following information:

Indicate which academy you are applying to: ITT Essentials or Online Course Design & Development

  • Name & Rank (or position)
  • Department and program affiliation
  • Confirmation that you are budgeted for at least 50% for instruction
  • Confirmation of your intent to attend all of the scheduled ITT Academy Sessions*

*If you are only able to attend three of the four sessions, you are still encouraged to apply. However, preference will be given to those faculty who can attend all four.

Faculty who successfully complete either ITT Academy will be expected to share their projects and their design stories with other faculty at the 2015-2016 COE Innovations in Teaching Conference sponsored by the Academic Office. It is also hoped that these faculty will choose to become mentors to other faculty at future ITT academy offerings.

The call for applications will remain open through Friday, August 29 with the selection of faculty announced by Monday, September 1.

ITT Essentials Academy

The purpose of this ITT Academy is to provide support and training to faculty to enhance their teaching with innovative instructional strategies supported with technology.

The faculty selected for the ITT Academy will identify and work on a project which is then implemented in one of the courses they teach. Four 3-hour seminars will be held during which a range of design ideas and technologies will be presented, discussed, and explored. (Please note that the time faculty will spend actually working on their projects will occur outside of the scheduled seminars, however ITT/OIT staff will provide 1-1 assistance as requested).

Although the curriculum of the academy will be flexible, here are the technologies -- with consideration of appropriate pedagogies -- we’re planning on including:

  • Google's Suite of Tools & Other Web 2.0 Tools
  • Online Learning Essentials
  • Video & Audio Production
  • Mobile Learning Essentials

On-going assistance will also be given to academy members as requested during the semester and continuing through project implementation.

Faculty will also be asked to read several national reports and articles about integrating technology into higher education.

Schedule (All Fridays, Noon-3pm)

  • September 12
  • October 3
  • October 24
  • November 21

Online Course Design & Development Academy

This academy focuses on the topic of designing and developing online curricula. ITT will be collaborating with the Office of Online Learning to provide a structured, hands-on, experience to guide program faculty through the basic steps of designing and developing an online course. Faculty who apply for this second academy need to be ready to spend time in and outside of the academy sessions on design and development activities. This academy is meant for those faculty who are part of programs who recently have decided to move part or all of their curricula online and now are faced with the task of actually doing this design and development work.

Schedule (All Wednesdays, Noon-3pm)

  • September 10
  • October 1
  • October 22
  • November 19

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