Welcome our newest alumni!

In a ceremony we call the College of Education Convocation, each semester we honor graduating seniors from the College of Education and invite them to engage the alumni network. If you are one of our brand new distinguished alumni, greetings! You have joined a family over over 65,000 other former students that have roots at the UGA College of Education. The video of the College of Education Convocation is now online.

New alumni coordinator to help you reconnect

We are actively working to expand interactions with our alumni base. We want to reconnect you to your alma mater and that’s why beginning January 2014, the College of Education will welcome a new director of alumni relations to our full-time staff. So please, come back to the website in 2014 to see in what ways you can take advantage of all-new alumni programs and perks coming down the pipe!

For now, please follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. We’ll be enhancing our social media communications very soon, so if you want to be informed, social networking is a great way to stay in the loop! Encourage your friends and former classmates to do the same – word of mouth is our strongest communication tool!

A new era for the College of Education

Please consider renewing your support of the College of Education through a tax-deductible gift to the Georgia Fund. Your annual gift to the College of Education is a gift to the Georgia Fund and supports our expansion of alumni-related activities and programming, such as the hiring of new leadership to facilitate fresh ideas and initiatives. Your tax-deductible donations and the unrestricted funding they provide is appreciated and needed, now more than ever as public funding has seen drastic cuts over the past half decade.