Tuesday, July 22, 2014 03:42pm

Buxton named UGA Athletic Association Professor in Education

COE researcher’s work has gained national and international prominence as teachers, administrators and policymakers seek to address the growing cultural and linguistic diversity of the U.S. student population.


With the demand for STEM education increasing in today’s workforce, the College of Education’s department of career and information studies has established a partnership with one of the leading robotics education companies in South Korea.

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In the just released US News and World Report rankings, the College of Education has made a significant jump forward — to 33rd among all schools of education and 23rd among public schools of education

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The overall ranking — No. 22 up from No. 87 — recognizes the college’s programs in adult education, educational psychology, reading education and workforce education.


In 91 percent of comparisons, feelings of energy increased after exercise compared to sitting quietly in control conditions. The average energy boost after exercise was large enough to meaningfully improve the participant’s mood that day