Academic Programs - Science Education


Georgia certification as a Secondary Science teacher (in either Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Earth/Space Science, grades 6-12) may be achieved in our program at UGA in either of three ways:

B.S.Ed.: an undergraduate major in Science Education, or joint major in Biology and Science Education

M.A.T.: as part of a Master of Arts in Teaching degree

non-degree: as a graduate student on a non-degree basis (by completing only the initial certification component of the M.A.T. requirements)

A prerequisite for earning certification as a Secondary Science teacher at the graduate level is an undergraduate major in the core science field in which certification is to be earned (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Earth/Space Sciences) or other acceptable science coursework background. Please see Science Course Prerequisites for Secondary Science Certification at the Graduate Level for details.

In all cases, students must pass Georgia’s standardized test of teachers’ content knowledge (GACE) in their field. Certification in “Broad Field” Secondary Science may also be added (to the discipline-specific certification in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Earth/Space Science earned through our program), by means of an additional, more general GACE secondary science test, but Board of Regents rules prohibit any public institution in Georgia from offering initial certification in Broad Field Science.

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