Mathematics and Science Education

Recognized as a national research leader in the fields of mathematics and science education, this department combines the expertise of its internationally known faculty with the energy and innovation of its rising young scholars.

The faculty’s influential research has included topics such as mathematics curricula, research in mathematics education, the history of mathematics curricula and education, emotional dimensions of school mathematics experiences, tools for interactive mathematical material, science teacher education, science curriculum development, socio-cultural-political factors that influence science teaching and learning, international science education, psychology of learning science and the use of technology in mathematics and science education.

Denise A. Spangler, Department Head
David F. Jackson, Associate Department Head
Science Education Mathematics Education
David F. Jackson, Program Coordinator Denise A. Spangler, Program Coordinator
Julie M. Kittleson, Graduate Coordinator Andrew G. Izsak, Graduate Coordinator
Georgia L. Hodges, M.A.T. Coordinator Logan Garrett, Certification Coordinator

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