Academic Programs - Qualitative Research

The materials in these bibliographies are references contributed by the Qualitative Research Instructional Faculty at the University of Georgia. Lists are intended to point colleagues and newcomers to some useful publications rather than to be exhaustive. Many entries could have been placed in more than one category, and we have done that in some cases. Overall, for efficiency we have put entries in what we thought was the most relevant category. Patrons of the lists are invited to send additions to Melissa Freeman, Finally the list is currently being updated so some topics may not yet have bibliographic entries.

Theoretical Frameworks


Constructionism and Constructivism

Critical Race Theory

Critical Theory


Feminist Theory and Epistemology



Philosophy and Theory

Positivism and Logical Positivism

Postcolonial Theory

Postmodern Theory


Queer Theory

Symbolic Interactionism

Methodology, Methods, Analysis and Representation


Action Research, Participatory Research and Teacher Research

Approaches to Discourse analysis

Arts-Based Research


Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS)

Case Study

Content Analysis

Conversation Analysis

Cross-Cultural Methods

Design-Based Research

Ethnographic Methods, Fieldwork and Participant Observation

Feminist Methods and Methodology

Creative Non-Fiction and Fiction

Focus Groups

General Introductions to Qualitative Approaches to Data Analysis

Grounded Theory


Life History and Autobiography

Membership Categorization Analysis

Mixed Methods Research

Multimodal Analysis

Narrative Analysis

On-line Research and Research Methods

Performance Texts

Poetry in Qualitative Research

Readers Theater

Research with Children

Visual Analysis

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