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Interdisciplinary Qualitative Certificate (IQS) Admission and Application Procedures


Only students who have been admitted to a department at the graduate level at UGA are eligible to apply. Graduate students in good standing will be admitted to the Interdisciplinary Qualitative Studies Certificate Program on the recommendation of the student’s major professor and a review of application materials by a committee of the Interdisciplinary Qualitative Studies Certificate Program faculty. See application process below.

Successful applicants must

  1. have a minimum GPA of 3.0; and
  2. submit a personal essay about their interests, prior preparation and experience related to the objectives of the program, and their long-range career/professional plans following their successful completion of the IQS Certificate Program;
  3. complete all IQS Certificate Program requirements for the certificate  (exclusive of the dissertation or thesis);
  4. complete a dissertation or thesis using a qualitative design or a mixed methods design within five years of their admission to the Interdisciplinary Qualitative Studies Graduate Certificate Program.

The certificate candidate’s dissertation or thesis committee must include at least one member of the IQS program faculty. Students who are not making satisfactory progress will be subject to removal from the program following faculty review. Such procedures are consistent with existing standards of practice for similar certificate programs within the university and are consistent with university policies on the timely review and retention of students in graduate programs.

Certificate Course Requirements

The certificate requires 15 semester hours of credit and the successful defense of a

dissertation or thesis that uses qualitative research methods or a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. Students begin the sequence by enrolling in QUAL8400 or one of its equivalents. This is the prerequisite for QUAL8410 and most of the QUAL electives. QUAL8410 is the prerequisite for QUAL8420, which is the third required core course. For a list of courses and their equivalents, see:

Students apply for the Certificate when they are ready to enroll in QUAL9400, Advanced Seminar in Qualitative Research, taken during their final year prior to graduation. Applications for the Certificate are reviewed by two members of the Interdisciplinary Qualitative Faculty.

Because qualitative methods vary across academic disciplines, the way in which the credit hours are packaged may vary. The qualitative faculty will assist students in developing a program that both meets the needs and interests of the individual student as well as the requirements of the IQS Program. The intent is that the 15 hours and additional experiences in qualitative research will lead to the mastery of the certificate objectives.

A check list of the IQS program requirements can be found here: IQS Certificate Checklist

Application Form for Admission Click here to download the Application for the Interdisciplinary Qualitative Studies Graduate Certificate

Click here to download the Completion of Proposed Plan Form

If you do not have Adobe Reader, you may download it here.

Submit three paper copies of the application to:

Cindy Williams
Room 313
River’s Crossing
850 College Station Road
University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia 30602

Mrs. Williams may be contacted by phone at 706-542-3343 or by email at

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