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Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Human Resources and Organizational Development


UGA’s College of Education has recently been ranked among  the best in on-line programs in U.S. News and World Report’s  2014 Best Online Programs. The Adult Education, Learning &  Organization Development program (the unit in which the  HROD degree and faculty is housed) offered the first completely  on-line degree at UGA starting in 2001. Our faculty is highly skilled  in facilitating on-line education and we’re poised to continue this  tradition of innovation and excellence.

 The M.Ed. in Human Resource and Organizational Development (HROD) program is designed for working professionals interested in doing human resource development, training and development, and/or organization development in a variety of settings, including business and industry, non-profit organizations, government agencies, educational setting, and communities.

Established by the Board of Regents of the State University System of Georgia in 1996, over 200 people have graduated from the program. The Academy of Human Resource Development named our program Outstanding Academic Program in 2006. This award recognizes programs for a continuous record of excellence demonstrated by the caliber of full-time faculty, progressive/innovative curriculum and courses, publications by faculty and students, placement of graduates, and involvement of the faculty in the service to the organizations and communities.

Program of Study (Curriculum)

The goal of the M.Ed. in HROD program is to develop reflective practitioners with the capacity to strategically and holistically use an array of interventions to develop healthy and sustainable organizations.

We develop HROD professionals to be strategic partners with Organization Development (OD) values, philosophy and processes at their core. We emphasize aligning human resource and organization development as a central organizational practice that contributes strategic value. We lay the groundwork for you to engage in the theory and practice of OD as your overarching approach to the work of strategic HROD partnering.

The newly updated and innovative curriculum is conceptualized around the OD process to develop practitioners with deep capacity in facilitating action research (AR) at the individual, group and organizational levels. The 33-credit (11 course) curriculum builds skills, capacities, and knowledge in each of the core phases of the OD/AR process (see below). A fuller description of each of the courses listed is available in the UGA Bulletin (search for the course number that follows each title in the table below).

Phases of OD/AR


M.Ed. in HROD Program Courses


  • Strategic Human Resource and Organization Development (EADU 8400)
  • Leading from Within (EADU 8610)
  • Leading Change in Workplace and Adult Education Organizations (EADU 8210)
Diagnosis & Analysis/Discovery


  • Diagnosing Needs (EADU 8610)Evaluating & Interpreting Research (EADU 6200)
Design, Develop, Intervene 


Students take 4 courses from this category based on previous experience and future career goals. Typical offerings include:

  • Training & Development (EADU 7040)
  • Career Development and Coaching for Adults (EADU 8410)
  • Facilitating Group Change and Development (EADU 8320)
  • Organizational Development (EADU 8300)
  • Adult Learning: Creating a Learning Infrastructure (EADU 8610)
  • Other relevant electives will be offered pending interests in the cohort. These could include International HROD, Critical OD, etc..


  • Evaluation in HROD (EADU 8610)
  • Capstone Course/Applied Project(EADU 7650)

* Courses listed as EADU 8610 are undergoing approval through UGA’s curriculum process and will have a new designated course number in the future.

Program Structure

Each Fall a new cohort is launched either at UGA Gwinnett or via our fully on-line format. Click on the How to Apply to the Program link at the bottom of this page for information about the application due dates and process.

Cohorts at the UGA Gwinnett Campus: Classes are offered on a rotation plan that allows part-time students to complete the program of study in two years (assuming two courses each Fall and Spring and one course in the summer). Most classes are taught in a blended learning format—utilizing innovative learning technologies that provide the flexibly and convenience of on-line learning combined with the advantages of being able to connect more personally with your instructors and colleagues. Face-to-face class sessions for the M.Ed. in HROD are offered in late-afternoon/evenings on the UGA Gwinnett campus. The next cohort for UGA Gwinnett is scheduled to begin in Fall, 2015.

On-Line Cohort: Beginning in Fall semester (August, 2014), a fully on-line version of the degree will launch. It is the same program of study (see above), and specifically designed to meet the needs of working professionals who are unable to attend classes in the traditional university setting. No campus visits are required. All coursework and assignments are conducted online. Students take two courses per semester (6 hours) in the prescribed sequence. When students follow the required sequence, the program can be completed in two years.

Tuition for the On-Line Version of the Degree: The Electronic Rate Tuition is $595 (per credit hour). Student Fees are $573 (per semester). Tuition and fees quoted are US currency, are the same for all students regardless of residency, and are subject to change. Potential additional costs include textbooks and related course materials. Visit Financial Aid for information about potential financial assistance. In addition, interested applicants are encouraged to consult their employer about the possibility of a tuition reimbursement program or tuition assistance program.

For additional information about the program or the admissions process, contact:
Holly Ivy
Degree Program Specialist
Lifelong Education, Administration & Policy
Phone: 706-542-1539 | Fax: 706-542-5873

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How to apply to the program

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