Graduate Students - Application Procedures

Graduate Program and Assistantship Application Procedures

  1. Assemble information and files to complete the online application to the Graduate School (see explanations below)
    • Name of degree, major, specialization and campus of program
    • Names and e-mail addresses of three references
    • GRE scores for self-reporting if available
    • Resume/vita
    • Statement of purpose
  1. Complete the online application to the Graduate School
    • Degree and major: You will select one of four options:
      • MS: The MS programs are research-oriented programs designed for students who want an in-depth research experience that involves completing a thesis. If you are interested in continuing for the PhD at UGA or another institution, you should select this option.
      • MS non-thesis: The MS-non-thesis programs are professional programs designed for students who plan to become practicing professionals, who do not plan to conduct research as part of their career, and who do not plan to continue for a Ph.D.
      • PhD: PhD programs are research-intensive programs designed for students who plan a career in teaching and research.
      • Non-degree: The non-degree option is for students who are not interested in completing a degree, but only in taking some courses.
    • Specialization:
      • Master’s programs:
        • MS: The specializations available for the MS are: biomechanics, exercise physiology, exercise psychology, motor behavior, sport management and policy, and sport pedagogy.
        • MS non-thesis: The specializations available for the MS-nonthesis are: athletic training; clinical exercise physiology; strength, conditioning and fitness; motor behavior (adapted physical education); sport management and policy; and sport pedagogy.
      • Doctoral programs. Specializations available for the PhD include athletic training, biomechanics, exercise physiology, exercise psychology, motor behavior, sport management and policy, and sport pedagogy.
    • Campus: MS, PhD, and MS non-thesis degree programs in all specializations except sport management and policy are offered only on the Athens main campus. The MS non-thesis program in sport management and policy is offered on both the Athens and Gwinnett campuses.  Select the campus where you expect to take the majority of your courses.
    • Letters of recommendation:  Follow instructions in the application for having three letters of recommendation sent electronically to the Graduate School.
    • Supplementary Department Information
      • Vita/resume: Upload a vita/resume that summarizes your education, work experience, internship experiences, certifications, distinctions (honors, scholarships, activities), research experience, title of Master’s Thesis (if applicable), and professional publications and presentations.
      • Statement of Purpose:  Upload a statement of purpose that describes your interest in Kinesiology, graduate education goals, career objectives, and why you chose to apply to UGA (e.g., reputation of program, to work with a particular professor, recommended by friend or college professor, location of University, etc.). If you are applying for entrance into a thesis program (MS or PhD), provide a brief statement of your research interests and indicate the professor with whom you would prefer to work if known.
  1. Send test scores and original transcripts to Graduate School
    • Follow instructions on the Graduate School web site for submitting required entrance exam scores and academic transcripts to the Graduate School.
      • GRE scores: Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores are required for all Kinesiology graduate programs. Make arrangements to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) test if you have not already done so.  The Educational Testing Service institutional code for having scores sent to UGA is 5813.
      • TOEFL scores:  International applicants whose primary language is not English must submit scores on the Internet-Based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Have your scores sent directly to the Graduate School.

When your application for admission is complete, it will be reviewed by the Department and a recommendation on admission will be made to the Graduate School. They, in turn, will send out the official acceptance or denial letter. You may not register for classes unless you have been notified of admission by the Graduate School.

  1. Complete an application for a graduate assistantship (optional)
    • Assistantship information:  Information about graduate assistantship opportunities is available on our web site.
    • Assistantship application: If you are interested in an assistantship, the Application for Graduate Assistantship form should be filled out online, and submitted electronically via e-mail to
    • Selection process: Departmental assistantships are chosen once a year for the coming academic year. Students with an assistantship must be enrolled during the academic year. Applications are reviewed starting around February 1. Usually 80% of the assistantships are awarded during the months of February and March, and the remainder during April. You cannot be awarded an assistantship until you have been admitted to a degree program in the University.

All other financial aid information can be requested online from the Office of Student Financial Aid .

  1. Deadlines:
    • Admission: You are encouraged to submit an application by January 10. The deadline for summer admission is April 1 and for fall admission is June 1. To apply for spring admission to the Sport Management and Policy MS non-thesis program contact the graduate coordinator’s assistant at
    • Assistantships: To receive consideration for all assistantship opportunities, submit an application by January 10.  Assistantship applications continue to be considered throughout the spring and summer.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the graduate coordinator’s assistant, Department of Kinesiology (706-542- 9522,

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