This study abroad program uses facilities at the University of Glasgow, including dorms and classrooms in the School of Education, and incorporates university faculty. The program schedule will include some mornings spent in local schools and afternoon class meetings on campus. You will be exposed to Scottish culture, food, and history, and learn firsthand from K-12 students and teachers about their educational experiences.

This program will give you a "Scottish" experience while expanding your knowledge about education in an international context.

You will leave Scotland with a broader view of the world and educational systems, while experiencing a different culture.

Program Costs

$2,400 (subject to change based on the number of participants and exchange rates), includes non-refundable $200 application fee, lodging in a private dorm room, instructional materials, cultural dinner, transportation for field trips, admission to venues, transportation while in Glasgow, UGA travel insurance, and some meals.

Tuition and fees are paid directly to the UGA Bursar’s Office after course registration according to regular UGA payment schedule that varies according to when you enrolled at UGA.* Payment instructions are on OASIS when you register.

Tuition: ~$255 undergrad/$309 graduate per credit hour x 6 credits = ~$1,530 for undergraduate students; ~$1,854 for graduate students.

Note: Price varies based on applicable UGA tuition; summer tuition rates are subject to change. Additional fees apply.

If you are a non-UGA student, you should apply to the UGA as non-degree status to participate in the program (this includes Georgia educators and students from other institutions).

Course Credit

  • EDUC 4450/6450, International Educational Field Experiences in the Classroom and Community (practicum experience)
  • EDUC 4100/6100, Special Topics in Educational Theory and Practice (explore the cultural and political aspects of Scotland that influence the educational system)

Sessions will be taught by University of Glasgow faculty, UGA faculty, and P-12 faculty from Scottish schools. These seminar sessions will focus on educational practices in Scotland, specifically a comparison between the US and Scottish educational systems, examination of instruction and assessment strategies used in Scotland, and a comparison between the two professional development school models used by both institutions.