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Ghana is a developing country, working to improve self-sufficiency in food, improve health and education, carry out urban redevelopment and historic preservation, stabilize its currency, and reform the legal code. Through this program, learn how the residents are achieving these goals, and participate in the process through hands-on learning.

Students who choose the monthlong course in Ghana will experience classroom time as well as travel to see different regions and cultures. The work involves interaction with Ghanaian University students, cultural immersion and direct involvement in the community.

Students enroll in two or three learning-intense programs that amount to 6 to 9 hours of credit. The programs include guest lectures and instruction in classrooms and studios with students in their ongoing courses at various schools, universities, and agencies. This program provides accredited course instruction in the areas of African society and culture, social service delivery systems, painting in Ghana, West African fabrics, dress, and adornment, and comparative issues in counseling and higher education. Students also have a service-learning option with an extended stay.

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