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Study Abroad

The College of Education has several study abroad programs and opportunities for service learning outside the United States. The Office of Academic Programs develops the structure with international partners, which helps support faculty developing and conducting these programs. It is important for the college to maintain relationships with international partners while fostering new programs for students and faculty.

Global Destinations

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Costa Rica

During this month-long program, students will use reflections, discussion, and theoretical readings to explore where language and culture come together, and how this affects the teaching of ESL/EFL.

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Students who opt for the monthlong program in Fiji can work in a school environment or develop a service-learning project related to a school. With both options, students will increase their global awareness, develop literacy instruction skills, and see first-hand how culture, politics and national identity affect a student's identity.

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Take advantage of two different opportunities to study in Ghana. In both, you will interact with educational leaders and students, experience the region's culture and get involved in the community.

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The six-week study abroad in Ireland program is for both undergraduate and graduate students who want to learn more about delivering educational and social services to people with developmental disabilities in Ireland.

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During Maymester, 15-20 students and UGA faculty directors work with pre-school, elementary, and middle-school students and teachers in Modena, Italy.

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This program will give you a "Scottish" experience while expanding your knowledge about education in an international context. You will leave Scotland with a broader view of the world and educational systems, while experiencing a different culture.

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This program focuses on global issues in sports medicine and medical treatments used for sport-related injuries, and it includes medical observations in clinical facilities and educational tours. Student learn medical practices and techniques used in Taiwan, plus various traditional Chinese therapeutic techniques used to treat athletes of all levels.

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United Kingdom

Spend Maymester in England and Scotland with an emphasis on reading and literature.

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