August 22-23, 2014: IDD@UGA Conference

IDD@UGA Conference for Instructional Designers and Learning Professionals

Overview:  This two-day professional conference is designed to showcase innovative Instructional Design and Development (IDD) projects and digital learning for adult professional education including corporate, industry, government, professional continuing education (e.g., medical), and higher education. Presentations will include practical, hands-on learning experiences that can immediately be applied to improve job performance as well as specific examples of client-based projects for real-world application. This is a low-cost, high-value event that will be rich in content and in meaningful networking with established leaders. The event also serves as an annual orientation and professional networking event for UGA IDD students.

Featured Speakers:
Dr. Bill Rankin, Director of Learning at Apple, Inc.
As Apple’s Director of Learning, Bill Rankin is engaged with educators and learning professionals around the world in the work of promoting and enhancing innovative teaching and learning. Formerly of Abilene Christian University, he has received numerous awards for teaching and has presented on the implications of mobility and emerging educational technologies in more than 25 countries.

Dr. Mike Law, Senior Manager of Learning Design, The Home Depot; President, International Society for Performance Improvement, Atlanta Chapter (ISPI-Atlanta)
Mike Law has been with The Home Depot for nearly 17 years and has overseen significant improvements in the technology and business impact of the company’s eLearning and other technology-based learning and performance solutions.

Dr. Eddie Watson, Director, University of Georgia Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
Eddie Watson is the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Georgia where he leads UGA efforts in faculty development, learning technologies, and many other initiatives and activities. He has been involved in adult learning and instructional design in myriad contexts, primarily in higher education.

Pre-Conference Workshops, Friday, August 22nd at 9:00 AM ~ $50.00

Building Apps with Livecode – Dr. Lloyd Rieber
LiveCode offers a simplified approach to coding that opens up many possibilities for creating apps for mobile devices. This workshop will introduce participants to the object-based programming language of LiveCode ( ). No prior knowledge about programming is needed. LiveCode is used to create desktop, Internet, database, network, and mobile applications. Applications built with LiveCode are completely cross-platform. That means you can run any application you create on all major modern operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS. Applications can also run on mobile platforms, including Apple iOS and Android. LiveCode uses a natural programming language based on HyperTalk. (This was the language of Apple’s HyperCard program from several years ago.) A recent laptop computer with wireless card is required for participation in this workshop.

Getting Started with Articulate Storyline - Mike Enders
Developers of eLearning content are often faced with a seemingly difficult challenge: how can I quickly transform my static course content into an engaging, interactive learning experience?  While past tools (such as Flash) required authors to have advanced knowledge, Storyline’s intuitive interface allows beginners to quickly create engaging eLearning experiences while also enabling advanced developers to really stretch their skills. In this fun, hands-on workshop, you’ll learn the basic functions of Storyline by building out several small, interactive, projects.  To participate in this workshop, you should have: a recent vintage Windows laptop with Articulate Storyline installed (the trial version is fully functional and available on the Articulate website), a microphone, and webcam. (Note: Macintosh users can install and run a copy of the Windows operating system using software such as Parallels ( .)

Instructional Design in a Nutshell – Dr. Rob Branch
Effective use of the instructional systems design process is the number one foundational competency of a professional instructional designer. This workshop will lead you though hands-on experiences that will help you get started with instructional design. Issues addressed in the workshop will include: What is Instructional Systems Design? How is it different from what classroom teachers do when they create lessons? What is ADDIE? What does a complete instructional design project look like? Where do professional instructional designers work? Can you really do any topic with instructional design? How do you know whether an instructional design project was successful? A recent laptop computer with wireless card is required for participation in this workshop.

Quick Video Development for Learning, w/spotlight on iPad -Ron Braxley
Video has become an important component of almost any eLearning experience. This hands-on workshop will provide a guided, interactive tour of designing, shooting, editing, and uploading video for learning. Apple’s iMovie will be the editing application used for editing, so an Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro is required to be able to “edit along” with the workshop. An introduction to the capabilities of the iPad as a production tool will follow the editing demonstration.

Location: UGA Gwinnett Campus, 2530 Sever Road, Lawrenceville, Georgia

Proposals:  Have ideas to share?  Submit your proposal now at

Conference Web Site (including the agenda):

Conference Flyer

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Registration Fee: $150

  • UGA Faculty, staff & students: $35 for meals

  • IDD/CIS Faculty, staff & students: complimentary

Pre-Conference Workshops: $50

Deadline to Register: August 15, 2014

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