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Torrance Center for Creativity and Talent Development


The Torrance Center™ for Creativity and Talent Development is a service, research, and instructional center concerned with the identification and development of creative potential and with gifted and future studies. Its goals are to investigate, implement, and evaluate techniques for enhancing creative thinking and to facilitate national and international systems that support creative development.

All programs and activities sponsored by the Torrance Center™ build on the legacy of Dr. Ellis Paul Torrance, a native Georgian and UGA Alumni Foundation Distinguished Professor Emeritus, who was a pioneer in research on the identification and development of creative potential.

Student Resources and Services


The Torrance Center also sponsors the Interdisciplinary Certificate in Creativity and Innovation.

Outreach, Engagement, and Service


The Torrance Center offers trainings, events, and camps for teachers and students. A sample of our activities include:

  • Duke TIP at UGA
  • Summer Institute
  • Torrance Lecture Series
  • Georgia Association for Gifted Children
  • Summer Camp

Duke TIP at UGA

In associate with Duke TIP, the Torrance Center at the University of Georgia is excited to bring 7 academically enriching weekends to gifted students in 2013-2014!

Through the UGA-Duke TIP program gifted students have the opportunity to dive deeply into a particular topic at the University of Georgia. These classes are instructed by either UGA professors, graduate students, as well as, gifted educators. The classes are highly active and offer an opportunity for students to learn not only at an accelerated level, but to interact and work with like-minded peers.

  • Scholar Weekends
  • Academic Adventures

Summer Institute

Come and explore the principles of creative thinking as a framework for curriculum development, classroom teaching and assessment. Designed around research-based strategies for integrating creativity into the classroom, the five day training will revolve around key strands such as Future Problem Solving, The Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking, Common Core Creativity, and Differentiation in the Creative Classroom. Educators will leave with practical creative strategies for enhancing their overall classroom instruction.

Torrance Legacy Creativity Awards

Students are invited to submit their finest creative work to help celebrate the great legacy of educator and creativity pioneer, Dr. E. Paul Torrance, author of more than 2,000 tests, articles, and books. Some of his authored works include:

  • Finding, Discovering, or Uncovering a Solution
  • Choosing a Brighter Tomorrow
  • Building Anew
  • Beyond Boundaries or Transcending Limits
  • Courageous Endeavor
  • A Huge Step Forward

News & Events

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