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Department of Educational Theory and Practice


If you are interested in furthering your involvement in the the educational community as a teacher, teacher leader, or researcher, the Department of Educational Theory and Practice will be an attractive destination. The department houses initial certification programs at the Master’s and bachelor’s level in early childhood education, elementary education, middle grades education, and secondary social studies education. We also provide continuing education for those areas via Master’s (MEd) and specialist (EdS) degrees. We also feature a doctoral program in educational theory and practice. Our faculty are highly productive, award-winning researchers and teachers.

Academic Programs

Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education Program helps prepare teachers of grades Pre-K through 5 for diverse and inclusive educational settings, learning how to produce educational knowledge and apply it to benefit children, families, and communities.

Non-Degree Programs

Also from the Early Childhood Education Program:

None provided at this time.

Middle School Education

The Middle School Education Program is a leader in the field of middle school reform and is one of the oldest middle school-specific teacher certification programs in the nation.

Non-Degree Programs

Also from the Middle School Education Program:

None provided at this time.

Social Studies Education

The Social Studies Education Program invites future teachers who are interested in making a positive difference in the world. Social studies education cultivates the ways in which students conceive of their own place in history, position in the economy, their effect in civic spaces, and their notions of belonging.

Non-Degree Programs

Also from the Social Studies Education Program:

None provided at this time.

Student Resources and Services


Students in the Department of Educational Theory and Practice are future teachers, administrators, researchers and community workers. Students participate in a wide range of coursework in preparation for, or continuation of, their careers. Faculty sponsored study abroad projects around the globe are available for students.

Faculty and Research


The faculty in the Department of Educational Theory and Practice is highly engaged and productive. Numerous grant-funded projects are expanding the base of knowledge around issues in teaching, learning, and learning to teach in varied contexts. Individual faculty expertise is exemplified by their publications in top-tier peer-reviewed journals, as well as their widely disseminated work in newspapers, conference proceedings and workshops.

Outreach, Engagement, and Service


Many faculty and students are actively engaged in projects that integrate research, teaching, and service through community engagement. Local projects include:

  • Professional Development School partnership with Clarke County School District
  • Science education professional development projects with surrounding school districts
  • Social studies education partnership with the Cobb House museum
  • Collaboration with homeschooling families
  • Neighborhood-based education center emphasizing creativity and critical literacies

Projects extend across the state to include engagement with schools and districts in and around Atlanta, as well as professional development workshops offered for Georgia educators in social class-sensitive teaching and literacy.

News & Events

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