Academic Departments

students Career and Information Studies

The mission of the Department of Career and Information Studies is to influence the development of informed leaders and citizens through career and information studies research and instruction while emphasizing creativity and innovation.

E000060 Communication Sciences & Special Education

The department offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Communication Sciences & Disorders and Special Education.

stk22483btm Counseling & Human Development Services

The department offers an undergraduate degree in Recreation & Leisure Studies and graduate degrees in Counseling Psychology, College Student Affairs Administration, Counseling and Student Personnel Services, Professional Counseling, Professional School Counseling and Recreation & Leisure Studies.

students Educational Psychology

The Department of Educational Psychology prepares professionals for careers as college teachers and university professors, educators of the gifted and creative, school psychologists, researchers, and test developers. Offering an array of renowned graduate programs that are perennially ranked among the nation’s top 20 by U.S. News and World Report, the department is known for its highly regarded faculty and rigorous academic standards.

Elementary Educational Theory and Practice

The department offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Early Childhood, Middle School Education and Social Studies Education. The department also offers a graduate degree in Elementary Education.

200512536-001 Kinesiology

The department offers undergraduate degrees in Athletic Training, Exercise and Sport Science, Health & Physical Education, and Sport Management and graduate degrees in Kinesiology.

LanguageAndLit Language & Literacy Education

The department offers undergraduate degrees in English Education and Foreign Language Education and graduate degrees in English Education, Foreign Language Education, Reading Education, and Teaching Additional Languages.

Lifelong Lifelong Education, Administration, & Policy

The department offers graduate degrees in Adult Education, Human Resource & Development, Educational Administration & Policy and a graduate certificate in Qualitative Research.

MathEd Mathematics & Science Education

The department offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Mathematics Education and Science Education.

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