Week of January 27, 2012

January 27th, 2012  |  Published in New Titles

Libraries News

  • Tax Forms: Tax Forms (1090 & 1090EZ, State & Federal) are available in the Curriculum Materials Library. For additional tax forms, please visit the IRS site.

  • New American Fact Finder: John Prechtel, the Libraries’ “Census Guy”, reports that there is a new version of American FactFinder(available under Articles & Databases>>Government Info>>Census Info). Social Explorer in GALILEO still works much like the old FactFinder and for many uses is easier and cleaner to use. The old FactFinder is now gone for good.  Along with it went the 1990 census data as well as the 1997 economic census and some other datasets.  Users can get 1990 census data online at Social Explorer and for more granular 1990 data (i.e., census tracts and other small geographies) information is available at Minnesota Population Center National Historical Geographic Information System

  • Films on Demand: Nearly 6000 records for Films on Demand have been added to the GIL catalog. Looking for ways to deal with writer’s block? There’s a film for that. Click on the link in the GIL record and, viola, you’re linked to the film. You can limit your search to Films on Demand by typing in films on demand>>keyword/anywhere in the keyword (GIL Classic) or advanced search (GIL-FIND) boxes. Searching for math* (GIL FIND) and films on demand yielded 170 hits. Try it! It’s fun!

  • New Features Released for RefWorks: Elizabeth White, RefWorks & EndNote guru, has shared that there are new features in the new release of RefWorks, which include:

    •  Drag and drop of references between folders and tasks;

    •  Ability to share folders via social media

    •  Duplicate checking after import

    • Click here to view the full release notes

  • ARL Report on Fair Use: Yesterday the Association of Research Libraries sponsored a webinar on Fair Use. Click here for the report.

  • Still Earning Our Daily Bread: Keeping librarians off the streets is EVERYONE’S job. To that end, Nadine Cohen & Carla Wilson Buss are available to come to your class or group to talk about Libraries’ resources and research. No class is too big or too small, too early or too late.

New Release Lists

CML – Juvenile Literature, Picturebooks & Curriculum Materials

GVs – Physical Education, Recreation, Leisure & Dance

Ls – Education

Qs – Math & Science

Rs – Medicine, Surgery & Nursing

Zs – Books in General, Library Science & More

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