Center for Latino Achievement and Success in Education

Our Mission…

The Center for Latino Achievement and Success in Education (CLASE) is an educational research and development center at the University of Georgia that provides:

  • Professional development and resources for K-12 educators working with Latinos state-wide
  • Outreach support through mentoring/tutoring of Latino students placed at risk
  • Program support in developing a pipeline to post-secondary education for Latino students
  • Research to inform teachers and educators on ways to reduce the achievement gap for Latino children, especially in Georgia

Our Objective…

CLASE aims to narrow the achievement gap of Latino students placed at risk due to poverty and language barriers and to improve the level of education of Latino students (PreK-16) statewide. Its goals include:

  • To research and disseminate promising/best practices for Latino education
  • To develop and support appropriate programs by leveraging federal, private and state funding
  • To create and enhance partnerships to raise the learning and social outcomes of Latinos in Georgia and the nation

Our History…

CLASE’s first three years of operation were funded primarily by a grant from The Goizueta Foundation. CLASE has also received support from the Board of Regents Hispanic Task Force, the UGA Office of Public Service and Outreach, the CompuCredit Foundation, and the Title II/Improving Teacher Quality State Grants program, totaling over $600,000 of additional program funding to enhance and extend the scope of activities. In 2006, The Goizueta Foundation awarded the University of Georgia additional funds for Latino initiatives, including CLASE.