Doctoral Degrees in Workforce Education

The Workforce Education program offers three distinct Doctoral degrees.

    • Doctor of Education – Traditional (Traditional EdD)
    • Doctor of Education – Practitioner (Practitoner EdD)
    • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Doctoral degrees will prepare successful candidates for careers in leadership or administrative positions at secondary and post-secondary levels, university teaching, research, and other roles related to Career and Technical Education.

EdD Options:

Traditional EdD is offered on the UGA Athens campus and features a face-to-face instructional format.  Students are admitted into the Traditional EdD each Fall semester

Practitioner EdD is offered in blended-hybrid instructional format utilizing a combination of face-to-face along with online instruction.  It also features a cohort group approach to teaching and learning with a prescriptive curricular program of study (20 students are admitted on a 2 year cycle).  Face-to-face instruction takes place at the UGA Griffin campus.

PhD Option:

The PhD in Workforce Education will prepare successful candidates for careers in which research and scholarship are central activities. Graduates of these degree programs will be prepared to conduct and direct research and formulate policy at major universities, educational research centers, and government agencies, as well as state departments of education and regional universities and colleges.

For a detailed explanation of each of the doctoral degree options see the specific degree option.