The mission of the Department of Career and Information Studies is to influence the development of informed leaders and citizens through career and information studies research and instruction while emphasizing creativity and innovation. Goals to support this mission include:

  1. Explore new curriculum development relating Learning, Design, and Technology and Workforce Education to emerging trends in Information Science.
  2. Produce new theories and research models of teaching, learning, and effective applications of technology that foster an educated workforce.
  3. Develop innovative uses of information and technology to improve human learning, performance, and work ethic.
  4. Use technologies to create information-based, socio-physical learning environments supported by research.
  5. Prepare professionals to apply design and technology that support learning and performance in a variety of contexts and work environments.

The Department of Career and Information Studies includes the nationally #1-ranked UGA Workforce Education program as listed in Best Education Schools in the 2013 rankings of U.S. News and World Report.


Department Chart