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Professional Student Organizations

One of the outstanding strengths of The Department is the collective quality of our students. As a department with seven degree programs at three different levels, covering a wide range of disciplines within education and the helping professions, we recruit and attract a widely diverse group of students. It is the diversity of personal characteristics, race, age, gender, geographical origin, level of physical ability and disability, and culture that collectively provides a rich and healthy learning community.

Several student organizations serve to enhance the instructional programs of the department at each degree level and in each program area.

  • The University of Georgia Student Personnel Association (UGASPA)
  • A professional honorary society for counseling students, Chi Sigma Iota
  • Counseling Psychology Student Association

The University of Georgia Student Personnel Association (UGASPA) is a student-led organization which serves as a social and educational group for students, staff, and faculty in the Master’s and Doctoral programs in Student Affairs Administration. This group helps facilitate the CSAA orientation program which is designed to assist with the adjustment process for new students entering the program, and contributes to other special programs as well. Throughout the year additional social and educational events (such as brown bag lunches with speakers from the student affairs professional staff) are promoted, sponsored, and coordinated by UGASPA.

A professional honorary society for counseling students, Chi Sigma Iota, provides a collegial home for Community Counseling students and other programs’ students as well. Regular social events, community projects and special training seminars are scheduled by the student officers.

Doctoral students in the counseling psychology program meet weekly in their Counseling Psychology Student Association as a regular part of the program. Meetings provide opportunities for students to learn from special consultants and speakers who add to the instructional program through professional development seminars.

The University of Georgia School Counseling Association (UGASCA) promotes the professional and personal development of all school counseling graduate students.  Leadership is provided by faculty, staff, and community resource persons in the form of workshops, guest speakers, and social and cultural events.  The organization also provides a mentorship program which aides with the transition of new students into the program.

President: Stasia Cantonis –
Advisor: Dr. Jolie Daigle –
Department of Counseling & Human Development Services – 4th Floor Aderhold Hall

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