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Professional School Counseling:

Specialist in Education at UGA Gwinnett

The mission of the Ed.S. Program in Professional School Counseling is to provide students who have a master’s degree in counseling or a closely related field, an advanced graduate program within which they can enhance and extend the knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to the new vision for school counselor role and school counseling program development. The program is designed to support the professional development of school counselors who are committed to principles of social justice and who accept responsibility for the educational experiences and outcomes for all students. The focus of the Ed.S. program is on the continuing development of school counseling practitioners. The program is built upon the foundation provided by the CACREP counseling core, the program components associated with Transforming School Counseling Initiative, the ASCA National Model, and the Board of Regents Standards for the Preparation of School Counselors.

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