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Undergraduate Admissions Checklist

Step 1. University of Georgia Admissions Requirements

The UGA Office of Undergraduate Admissions oversees the application process required for the university. A student must be accepted to UGA before applying to the College of Education (COE).

UGA also provides many printable forms

Currently enrolled UGA students may register for classes taught in an online method during their class registration.

More information concerning the UGA Undergraduate application process is provided on the Admissions website.

Step 2. College-wide Admissions Requirements

The undergraduate degree programs offered through the college are listed as Bachelor of Science in Education (BSEd) and Dual Degree Programs. Within each category there are majors which are considered to be high-demand status. High-demand majors require students to submit an application and/or meet other requirements for admittance into the major.

All undergraduate students seeking a degree in a high-demand major in the College of Education have "intended major" as their status until they are admitted into a major. Admission into UGA does not guarantee admittance into your major. Visit the UGA Bulletin website for the degree requirements for admissions into each major.

General Information

As part of undergraduate admissions orientation, the College of Education Office of Student Services conducts academic area meetings for incoming first-year and transfer students who have been admitted into the university and have declared an intended major in the College of Education.

Orientation is required for all new students. For more information regarding orientation and to register for a session online, visit the Admissions Orientation website.

Please be sure to select an orientation session that you can attend in its entirety. Students who are unable to attend the full day of an orientation (8:00 AM-5:00 PM) may have to return at a later date to be advised and cleared for registration.

Changing Majors

First-year students can change into the College of Education by filling out the undergraduate admissions online major change form on or before the first day of orientation. Students must make the academic area meeting by 11:00 AM on day two in order to be advised for COE. If the change of major occurs after 11:00 AM, on day two, students can call the College of Education the following day to arrange appointment at 706-542-1717.

Transfer students are not allowed to change into the College of Education during orientation. Transfers wishing to change to a major in the College of Education can call the COE Office of Student Services the following day to arrange an appointment (706-542-1717). Due to capacity issues, no transfers wishing to change into COE will be given an advising appointment at orientation.

College-wide Degree Requirements

*This requirement is usually met before admittance to any of the teacher education majors. Visit the GACE website for more information.

Please refer to the admissions page your your program of interest to review degree requirements specific to that program.

Step 3. Apply to Program

Some undergraduate degree programs have requirements that are unique for that program. Any such details are provided below.

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