Applying to COE Majors

Applying to GeorgiaCOE

Admission to COE Undergraduate Degree Programs
The undergraduate degree programs offered through the College are grouped into four categories:  Teacher Education, Health and Human Services, UGA/COE Partner Programs, and Dual Degree Programs.  Within each category there are majors which are considered to be high demand status.  High demand majors (see programs for majors noted as HD) require students to submit an application and/or meet other requirements for admittance into the major.

All UGA undergraduate students seeking a degree in a high demand (HD) major or a major in Recreation and Leisure Studies from the College of Education have “intended major” as their status until they are admitted into a major.  Admission into UGA does not guarantee admittance into your major.  See UGA Bulletin for the degree requirements for admissions into each major.

Teacher Education (BSED) majors with areas of emphasis:

Early Childhood Education (HD)

English Education (HD)

Foreign Language Education (HD) -  Spanish, French, German, Latin, and Other Languages

Health & Physical Education (HD)

Math Education (HD)

Middle School Education (HD) – Science, Mathematics, Language Arts, and Social Science

Science Education (HD) – Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, and Physics

Social Studies Education (HD) – Economics, Human Geography, History, and Political Science

Special Education (HD) – Birth through Five, Adapted Curriculum, General Curriculum

Health & Human Services (BSED) majors:

Athletic Training (HD)

Communication & Science Disorders (HD)

Exercise & Sport Science (HD) – Fitness Specialist, Pre-Med, Pre-Physical Therapy

Recreation and Leisure Studies

Sport Management (HD)

UGA/COE Partner Programs:

Agricultural Education, BSA

Art Education, BFA (HD)

Dance Education, BFA

Family and Consumer Sciences Education, BSFCS

Music Education, BMUS (HD)

Dual Degree Programs:

Biology/Science Education- Biology, BS/BSED

English/English Education, AB/BSED English Education is HD

French, German, Latin, or Spanish: Foreign Language Education, AB/BSEDForeign Language Education is HD

History/Social Studies Education, AB/BSED Social Studies Education is HD

Mathematics/Mathematics Education, BS/BSED Mathematics Education is HD

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