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PhD in Workforce Education

From the Department of Career and Information Studies


The PhD in Workforce Education will prepare students for careers in which research and scholarship are central activities. Graduates of these degree programs will be prepared to conduct and direct research and formulate policy at major universities, educational research centers, and government agencies, as well as state departments of education and regional universities and colleges.

Academics / Curriculum

The typical program of study requires 72 to 80 semester hours of coursework beyond the master’s degree. Workforce education requires a minimum of 20 hours of core courses, 25 hours of research, and 20 hours of dissertation work. Expect to be on campus for three full years of study beyond the master’s degree; the PhD cannot be secured through summer work alone. At least two consecutive semesters must be spent in full-time resident study on campus, one of which may be a summer session. All requirements for this degree, except the dissertation and final oral examination, must be completed within six years.

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The Student Experience

A select number of graduate assistantships are offered through the department.

Career Outlook

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Year Grad School Full-Time Part-Time Unemployed Other
20131 0% 50% 0% 0% 0%
20121 0% 67% 23% 0% 0%

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